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Vietnam visa on arrival or landing visa is a service to help customers get a visa to Vietnam at the international airport of Noi Bai (Hanoi Capital), Tan Son Nhat (Hochiminh city), Da Nang and Cam Ranh.
Customers simply apply for their visa through our website with a very simple manipulation instead of directly going to the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in the host countries taking more time and cost. After 2 working days with the conventional cases or 1-4 hours for emergency cases, we will complete all the documents and papers necessary for the customer to get a visa at the Vietnam international airport. Customers are welcome to Vietnam at the entrance to the international terminal upon arrival. Our staffs will undertake all the post-flight procedures to get a visa at the Landing Visa Counter.


What are benefits of Visa on arrival services?

  • No administrative work
  • No passport post away
  • No hidden charges and hassle-free
  • Legitimate and fast
  • Apply online from anywhere
  • Save up much of time and money

According to the length of staying and number of entries, there are single and multiple entry visas.

  • Single entry visa: a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for one time.
  • Multiple entry visa: a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for more than one time.

Depending on the purpose of your travel to Vietnam, there are two different types of visa that could apply to the occasion:

  • Business visa: valid for 1 month, 3 months; 6 months, or 1 year 
  • Tourist visa: valid for 1 month, 3 months, *6 months or *1 year (applicable for US citizens only)


  • For one year business visa, you can stay thoroughly in Vietnam without having to leave up to its validity.
  • For six month or one year tourist visa, you need to leave the country every 90 days of stay.

Visa approval letter is a document issued by The Vietnam Immigration Department that allows foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam in a given period of time. By showing the visa approval letter to Immigration Officers at Vietnam airport, you can pick up your visa and get your visa stamp on your passport upon arrival. Moreover, travelers had better put their correct information into the application form before submitting it since the corresponding authority will verify the details on the approval letter based on your passport and travel documents. If you put wrong your personal details, they will not let you board the plane.

  • Note 1: There are many applicants’ information are listed in the same approval letter, it is the normal form of The Immigration Department. Nevertheless, if you would like to keep your personal information confidential, you had better choose “private letter” option.
  • Note 2: Once the approval letter has been issued, it cannot be amended, so that if you would like to change your information on it, you have to pay extra fee to re-process your visa.

The international airports accepting visa on arrival are Ho Chi Minh airport, Ha Noi airport, Da Nang airport, Cam Ranh airport, Hai Phong airport.

Yes, it is. Visa on arrival or Vietnam visa approval letter is a document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, the unique authority in Vietnam has the full right to consider and approve visa application. It is recognized by IATA (International Air Traffic Association), visa on arrival is totally legitimate. Hereinafter is the information cited from the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please check out through the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs website if you have any further consideration in relations to the visa on arrival.

1. Regulatory documents:
• Law No. 47/2014/QH13 on 16 June 2014 on entry, exit, transit, and residence status of foreigners in Viet Nam

2. General provisions:
• Foreigners who enter and exit Vietnam must have their passport or passport substitutes (hereinafter referred to as passports) and visas issued by competent authorities of Viet Nam, except in case of visa exemption. The passport substitutes must be introduced to and accepted by Vietnamese competent authorities through diplomatic channel.
• Vietnamese nationals who reside overseas holding travel documents issued by foreign competent authorities as valid documents to enter into, exit from the host country, the sample of which has been introduced officially to and accepted by Vietnamese competent authorities through diplomatic channels, are allowed to enter Viet Nam with these documents.

3. Types of visas:
• Single entry visa: is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for one time.
• Multiple entry visa: is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for more than one time.

4. Visa on arrival:

a. The following foreigners are eligible for visa on arrival:
• Departing from a country where there is no competent Vietnamese visa-granting authority;
• Travelling through many countries before entering Viet Nam;
• Visiting Viet Nam on tours organized by an international travel agency operated in Viet Nam;
• Foreign crewmembers on board vessels anchored in Vietnam’s seaport wishing to exit through other border checkpoint;
• Visiting Viet Nam to attending a relative’s funeral or visit a seriously ill family member;
• Entering Viet Nam to engage in emergency response, search/rescue activities, disaster or epidemic control or for other special purposes at the request of the competent authority in Viet Nam.

b. Before entering Viet Nam, applicants for visa on arrival must apply for a visa approval for picking up visa at the border checkpoint issued by the Immigration Department, the Consular Department or the Department of External Affairs of Ho Chi Minh city.

c. Foreigners eligible for visa on arrival shall submit their passports or international travel documents and fill in the visa application form with an attached photo at the Viet Nam’s border control authority. Over-14-year-old children sharing passport with others must fill in a separate visa application form.d. The visa on arrival shall be granted after the Viet Nam’s border control authority completes checking applicant’s information and the visa approval

Stamping fee is the fee directly paid in cash to The Vietnam Immigration Officer at your arrival port to get visa stamp. This is the fixed amount of payment for the Government.

In accordance with Circular No. 157/2015/TT-BTC dated October 08, 2015 of the Ministry of Finance, stamping fee for foreigners under management of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs as details:

  • Single entry visa: US$25
  • Multiple entries visa with the duration of:
    • 03 months: US$50
    • More than 03 months to 06 months: US$95
    • More than 06 months to 1 year: US$135

For convenience, please prepare cash in advance, since you cannot pay for stamping fee by credit card. In addition, the Immigration Officer will not give you the change, so please prepare the amount of payment accurately.

When holding the approval letter, you need to print it out to present to the police at your departure airport so as to board the plane. (Those who do not have the visa approval letter will be not allowed for boarding).
Moreover, please prepare these following stuffs to get your visa stamp at the airport:

  • Passport (at least six months of validity upon the date of arrival)
  • Printed visa approval letter
  • Filled entry and exit form
  • 02 passport size photos
  • Stamping fee

With these things, you need to come to VISA LANDING or VISA ON ARRIVAL COUNTER after arriving to apply for Vietnam visa, then wait for Immigration Officers call your name to return your passport with a ready visa.

No, you cannot. You are not allowed to enter Vietnam without a visa approval letter unless you are in the Vietnam visa exemption list.  In order to board the plane, you have to present the approval letter to the airlines. This letter is also compulsory for getting visa stamp at Vietnam airport. Therefore, we recommend you to spend your valuable time to apply for visa on arrival to avoid delaying or changing your flight.

No, you cannot. A later entry is allowed but an earlier entry. In case, you wish to change your plan and enter earlier than the granted arrival date, you are required to pay extra fee to re-process your visa.

The answer is no.  An earlier exit is allowed but a later exit. However, you wish to stay more 1 month than your visa’s validity, we highly recommend you to extend your current visa. If it has 1 or 2 days more, you need to prepare to pay for the fine (at least US$50)

For visa extension, please send your passport scan, visa stamp and visa sticker to our email, we will check with the Immigration Department then inform you about service fee.