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Hosting FAQs

Web Hosting is where to store all the websites, the information, images and data on a server. At the same time, Web Hosting is where all transaction activities, exchange of information between the website and user, also supports the activities of Internet software.

 Unix is an old server system that hosting providers in Vietnam are very little use. When hosted on this server, the web editor must have knowledge of HTML, must compose each page or write CGI very hard and have to upload via FTP. If you need to edit the folder or lost a page, you must check all the links to that page. Utilities such as counting the number of visitors, data entry forms must be written in CGI, very laborious.

Meanwhile Server Window is currently well supported because Microsoft tries fully supported and easy to use that even people who are not professional could create a professional looking website. One of the features of the window server that supports Frontpage extension. Linux is also a good platform for the webserver, supports many facilities such as mySQL, ODBC, CGI and Frontpage extension ... please be careful. If the provider is not proficient in Linux, your website will be flickering by their website operating skills.

FTP is short for "File Transfer Protocol" - is a file transfer protocol on the Internet. When the server supports FTP, you can use the FTP software (FTP client) to connect to the server and upload the data and update your website easily.

Web Hosting is a web hosting service, provides infrastructure services for your website works. Advantages of Web Hosting is the most of your requirements are met by the technical staff, they also monitor the server 24/7 to ensure the stable operation.

Website you can understand as an advertisement in gold pages, but there is another point in that it allows the viewer can do more work, such as communication, exchange of information with the website owner, searching, transactions ... etc. Millions of people around the world can access the website. Website is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, throughout the year, allowing your customers search for information, view information, buy some products at any time they want.

 Ability to store on strength Server and ability to connect to large bandwidth with high security.

Tracking the Server 24/7.

Flexible storage and bandwidth.

Support Subdomain, email to customers under its own domain name

Backup data every week or upon request.

Private Cpanel for each account.

This is convenient for professionals to write scripts for complex websites. Depending on Hostserver to support this scripts.

 You can imagine it as size. If bigger bandwidth allows access of people at the same time as large, so you should choose a service provider with greater bandwidth.

With a hosting account, you can use multiple domains to a website. Means that when typing the address of the domain name, the website will appear the same.

Just inform us about hosting upgrade, we will upgrade the hosting right for you. The upgrade process will not affect the content and activity on your website.

When you register one domain name, the domain name have to point to your Web Hosting which you registered. In case your domain name is not pointing to the DNS server that you have registered, we will be guided, or we will help you transfer your domain name on the DNS server that you are hiring.

Yes, you can. After registration, we will send you the parameters such as IP, Port …via email. You just point the domain name to use on that IP. You can also transfer the domain name of The One Vietnam to manage and extend for convenience.

We provide Web Hosting on the two platforms are Windows and Linux, with many different levels of capacity and flow. Window service packs will help you use the database of MS-Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

Capacity is the amount of space you are allowed to store your own data on the server's hard drive.

If the domain name has been activated, after 30 minutes from the time you sign the contract and make the payment, we will complete the procedure to create a Hosting account for you.