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Our vision is great public service for every customer.


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We are dynamic team with creative peoples


With a staff of active, enthusiastic, experienced, we always want to produce quality products for our customers. The One Vietnam believes that can meet most of your requirements.

Our mission is to give our customers the best value through excellent service with the cutting-edge technologies and low cost at any and every time.


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Creatively Focused

We provide a technology platform reliably and safely.
Also bring the solution to manage your problems.
It's very simple, fast, safe and reliable.



A large space can contain internet services. You can store data in that space. Venue of all trading activities, exchanges between websites and internet users. Also support the internet software work better.



Please register with a domain name. A domain name will help you drive directly to your website. It's very simple!



There will be a lot of website templates for you. You can choose one or you could create a exclusive website template for yourself.



In order to strengthen the competitiveness and to provide better service, we created the top service channel in order to bring credibility to the customers via the Internet.



With a deep knowledge about people and country of Vietnam is our advantage, we will help you to understand of experience History, Culture, Traditional culinary of Viet Nam.



Our staff will meet you at the aircraft gate with your name on the welcome board and assist you to get visa stamp and visa sticker without getting line as other. Just 5-10 minutes you will at the luggage lounge to wait for your belonging.

Our Advantages

Many years experience.
Warranty all time use.
The value added.


We have worked with many clients from large to small, always listen to customers and offer reasonable solutions and save time and costs for each customer. We are ready to chat and FREE consultation with customers to find solutions.

Providing professional services associated, supported enthusiastically consultancy, advising clients only the most necessary features to provide the most economical cost.


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The One Vietnam is a good place for you to grow, with the friendly colleague, competitive environment.


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