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Websites FAQs

The One Vietnam use of technology:
- Graphic design: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator, Corel, ...
- Design Flash: Adobe Flash CS5, ...
- Programming Languages: Php,, ...
- Programming website by the open source Joomla, Wordpress, ....
- Programming website by modern technologies: Kohana Framework, Codeigniter Frameword, ....
- Database: Mysql, ....
- Manage information about activities, services and articles.
- The security mechanism with .htaccess, .htpasswd

Number of employees to carry out a project in The One Vietnam include:

- Project management.

- Business man.

- Graphic design staff.

- Functional Programming Staff.

- Staff specializing in data entry, check, test run.

The One Vietnam offers three service packages as follows:

Package for website design to sale: 6,000,000 VND

Provide customers the full functionality of an online sales website, customers can purchase and payment online on the website.

Package for the design of business website: 5,000,000 VND

Website will offer a full range of enterprise information to customers: information company, services, news, projects, ... The information will be introduced in detailed through interface design of The One Vietnam.

Package for cheap website design: 1.000.000 VND

Mainly for small businesses, start-up businesses. Website can be put into operation immediately after 24 hours from the signing of the contract. All template websites were up ideas and build a complete function. Just put into operation can be used.

Normally the time to implement a project is about 30 days. Include the following tasks:





Collecting information to design the website

05 days


Signing the contract

01 days


Interface design of the website

03 days


Editing the interface of the website

05 days


Programming functions of the website

15  days


Testing the website

04 days


Guiding administrators

01 days


Handing over and liquidation

01 days



The time mentioned above is estimated time. Depending on the actual requirements that the time may be shortened in order to ensure progress to provide information of the Company.

Time does not include: Saturday afternoon, Sunday and holidays.

- Phase 1: The customer will pay 50% of the cost of designing the website right after signing the contract.

- Phase 2: 50% of the remaining amount to be paid after completion of the handover, manuals, contract acceptance. (Customers can pay by bank transfer or cash)

When designing the website in The One Vietnam, customers will be:

- We will support free international domain name in the first year: .com, .net, .info, ....

- Support free hosting 800MB 15GB free in the first year

- Set up free 10 emails by domain name

- Website will be permanently warranty if customers use hosting in The One Vietnam

- Website will be weekly backup

- Website will be processed and troubleshoot if problems occur

- Customers will be permanently warranty when registered using hosting in The One Vietnam

- Customers will get 1 year warranty while using other hosting (not hosting of The One Vietnam)

- Warranty via email, phone

- Warranty coverage includes error correction of the website if the error compared to design features, generating an error while using

- Notify customers extend the use of domain name and the maintenance of hosting a month before the time expires

Information to deploy the contract

- Company name

- Address

- Telephone number (mobile, hotline)

- Fax number

- Bank account number, account name

- Tax code

Information prepare for website design:

- The information posted on the website: logos, pictures, articles, ....

- Appoint a person in charge of information exchange with The One Vietnam

- The person in charge must regularly monitor and contribute ideas to complete on schedule

- Assign a person in charge of technical, The One Vietnam will guide how to administer website when finished.